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Yasir Salah has always felt he was meant for more … he has no idea how much.


A native son of the Island Republic of Kindara, he is ripped from his homeland as a small boy, escaping an invasion that decimated his family. He has been told all his life that he must hide in plain sight, with no reasonable explanation, only vague references to a reckoning, should he be found. His memories of that horrific night—and his Kindaran roots—are suppressed to protect his sanity.


Or was it done to suppress something else?


He is inexplicably forced to move to the small town of Oakwood Grove, Georgia to live with his uncle. He makes the best of a difficult situation, intent on keeping a low profile. All that would change quickly, as he manages to develop new friends—including a girl who he can’t stop thinking about—and enemies who are scheming to make sure he isn’t the next hot thing on campus.


Their plans nearly cost Yasir his life.


But what no one knows—including Yasir himself—is that the horrors of that tragic night awakened something that would change the course of his life forever. With the help of a Kindaran priestess, he has the chance to find out who he truly is, and why he is so important.


But first … he has to survive high school.

Neverwraith (Neverwraith Series #1)